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Main features

Every format

Enpower your events

The LetzFair solution improves the experience of visitors, exhibitors and speakers before, during and after the event. It optimizes the matchmaking between attendees, increases the number of qualified meetings between visitors and exhibitors, improves the participation and interaction during live & networking moments, increases business opportunities for all participants and provides you with detailed data on attendees behaviours and needs.

Get the most out of the benefits of combining physical and virtual events! Thanks to LetzFair you create your own community where you can interact and involve participants all year round thanks to live events and many others pre and post main event activities. With the community you increase the dimension and the value of your physical event, can stay always in contact with all the attendees and gain the role of polar star for all the players in your sector.

Our platform provides you with the best place to create an unlimited number of highly monetizable digital events throughout the year. Bring engaging events to life where attendees interact with each other as well as with sponsors/exhibitors and are entertained with contests, social games, polls and more. This way you create your community and access detailed data on the activities and interests of all your participants.

Physical Events LetzFair

Community, data, personalisation, additional services and an outstanding cost policy

Community LetzFair

Create your community

Interact with your industry all year round, increase your loyalty and get data about the interests of all participants in your event.

Customization LetzFair

Customizable at 100%

Personalize every aspect and integrate our solution into your IT systems: the platform is yours!

Profits LetzFair

Multiply your profits

Zero initial investment, countless possibilities for monetisation.

Some of our customers

We provide benefits to all event organizers who want to satisfy their visitors, exhibitors, speakers and, in general, their participants. For physical events we serve trade fairs and congresses of any industry, educational and cultural events, sporting events and any type of event that has a good number of visitors. On the digital side, we transform any type of event, conference or meeting, into an engaging and hyper-interactive virtual event, without limits of size and duration.

Our business model is extremely innovative!
It allows us to offer you our services with an extremely low initial investment that will be amply repaid thanks to the sale of new services to your sponsors! Our solution is not a cost, but a new source of revenue!

Our system has the best data protection technologies and is compatible with the most updated privacy regulations. Furthermore, we do not require any ownership of the data.

The LetzFair indoor positioning and navigation system allows you to locate, anonymously, each participant within the exhibition space and therefore, in addition to providing you with a large series of useful data, it will allow you to check and prevent critical issues in theme of gatherings and access to the exhibition/congress areas.

As organizer you can populate your event with data automatically, directly through your databases or manually for any detailed information. All users, whether they are visitors, exhibitors, speakers, etc., will have their own access through which they can enter their own data.

LetzFair, among its additional services, also offers you the possibility to manage data uploading and/or support you and your participants with the whole process.

LetzFair offers you a series of promotional, marketing and support services to inform the participants on all the advantages offered by the platform and the APP. We will help you, both before and during the event, to reach the maximum number of downloads.

It is in our interest the use of our technology by participants and, therefore, we do our utmost to make this happen!

Yes, we offer the best streaming services on the market for your virtual/hybrid events. In addition to streaming, we also offer the best video conferencing services for meetings with multiple participants as well as the best rooms for one to one video calls.

Absolutely yes! We offer many possibilities to collect sponsors and generate revenues from advertising for your virtual events. Contact us to discover all the promotional possibilities for your sponsors and for your exhibitors.

The possibilities of participation are unlimited. We can prepare the platform for a very small number of users as well as we can allow you to host tens or hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

Complete. Our service is not to provide you with our software, but to provide you with a solution that allows you to create a very successful event. We offer event planning support, data loading support, direct support to users, support for the sale of sponsorship services, technical support, on-site support, etc…

All our activities can be customized according to the organizer's requests. We can help you supporting your participants but we can also take care of it directly. We can customize our supporting activities.

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