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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

The trade show in your hands

Innovative technologies and revolutionary approach, Letzfair


Letzfair is a start-up company founded to provide innovative digital services to international trade shows and exhibitions, in any industry. Our mission is to become the technology partner of every Organizer that aims to improve both visitors and exhibitors satisfaction before, during and after their event. Exploiting all the innovative, cutting-edge features of our Mobile app and web platform, we create the Digital Dimension of trade shows and exhibitions, enhancing and enriching the physical exhibition space. With a unique and revolutionary approach, our services are designed taking into account  needs and expectations of all the actors involved in a trade fair, addressing every issue of Organizers, Exhibitors and Visitors.


We have a revolutionary approach. You are our partner, not just a customer


First to introduce innovative technologies onto the market

Cross industry

We bring value to all the exhibitions, regardless of the industry

One for all

Dedicated services to meet the specific needs of Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors.