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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

The trade show in your hands

The Mobile App that boost your profits increasing the satisfaction of your visitors and exhibitors


Manage your trade show

Innovative features for a better planning and a real-time management of your event.

From cost item to opportunity

The mobile app becomes a brand new source of revenues rather than a mere cost item.

Full comprehensive services

We take care of everything: from promotion activities to end-users support.

Web portal Web portal
Web portal

An intuitive dashboard
to manage your exhibition, anytime

LetzFair web platform allows organizers to create the digital dimension of their tradeshow and to directly interact with every participant. Linked to LetzFair Mobile app innovative features, the dashboard collects, processes and returns a wide set of useful KPIs and high-value information to deeply analyze your tradeshow’s proceeding and its final performance, providing also several insights for a better planning of future editions.

Mobile app Mobile app
Mobile app

On-site personal
assistant for your Visitors and Exhibitors

The mobile app allows visitors to easily explore both physical and digital exhibition space. It helps them quickly identify and locate all the exhibitors that match their specific interests and gives them easy-to-use tools to effectively organize their attendance. Exhibitors have the opportunity to create, personalize, manage and promote their Digital Booth, to boost their visibility and to draw qualified visits to their physical booth.